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The system may be a traveler system comprising feedback loops of the hormones discharged by internal glands of Associate in Nursing organism directly into the vascular system, regulation distant target organs. In vertebrates, the neural structure is that the neural centre for all endocrine systems. In humans, the most important endocrine glands square measure the endocrine gland and therefore the adrenal glands. The study of the system and its disorders is thought as medicine. Glands that signal each other one Associate in Nursing other} in sequence square measure typically cited as an axis, like the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. additionally to the specialized endocrine organs mentioned on top of, several different organs that square measure a part of different body systems have secondary endocrine functions, as well as bone, kidneys, liver, heart and gonads. as an example, the urinary organ secretes the endocrine glycoprotein. Hormones will be organic compound complexes, steroids, eicosanoids, leukotrienes, or prostaglandins. Your system incessantly monitors the number of hormones in your blood. Hormones deliver their messages by lockup into the cells they aim in order that they will relay the message. The endocrine gland senses once your endocrine levels rise, and tells different glands to prevent manufacturing and emotional hormones.

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