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Clinical Efficiency of Castellani Solution for the Treatment of Granular Myringitis

This study is designed to observe the clinical efficiency of Castellani solution for the treatment of granular myringitis (GM). We have included 20 patients among which 15 men and 5 women of mean age, 49.7 years; range, 9–77 years; they were diagnosed with GM and treated with Castellani solution. Topical treatment using Castellani solution and otoendoscopy of tympanic membrane were performed and the follow-up period ranged from 3 to 72 months and the mean follow-up period was 14.4 months. 13 patients showed complete resolution of GM after treatment with Castellani solution. However, one patient had a persistent, small, wet lesion residual lesion. Topical application of Castellani solution is a simple and effective treatment for GM. This study confirms the use of Castellani solution for treatment of granular myringitis.

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