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Combination Training is more Effective than Singular Modalities in Enhancing Physical and Psychological Status in Male Soccer Players with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions

Assess traditional training (CON), eccentric-only training (ECC), plyometric-only training (PLYO), or a combination of these two (COMB,) in ACL rehabilitation. National level male athletes rehabilitating from ACL reconstruction, randomized into each group, training twice weekly for six weeks. Y-Balance test, quadriceps circumference, quality of life and return to sport index were measured. There were significant group x time interactions for all variables (p<0.001). Paired t-tests revealed significant changes in all variables (p=0.0002-0.0006) for the COMB group which also demonstrated the largest effect sizes for all variables (d=4.1-13.0). For PLYO, there were significant changes in all variables (p=0.0002-0.02) with very large effect sizes for all tests (d=6.81-7.29), except for thigh circumference (d=0.96). The ECC group also demonstrated significant changes in all variables (p=0.006) but demonstrated inferior effect sizes to the PLYO and COMB groups with respect to QOL and RSI (d=6.1). The CON group achieved significant changes in only three of the four measured variables (p=0.003-0.006) and had the lowest effect sizes except for thigh circumference (d=3.1). COMB training is a multidimensional stimulus which has physical and psychological benefits in the post-surgical period.

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