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Comparison of Classical Laminectomy and Transspinous- Split Laminectomy Techniques

Objective: The purpose of study is to compare clinical and radiological results of classical laminectomy and transspinous-split laminectomy which provides vertebral alignment and eliminates paraspinal muscle damage. Methods: Twenty patients in each group were evaluated (Total 40 patients). We analyzed oswestry scale, visual analog scale, pain score, and narcotic score of the patients. To demonstrate the damage of paraspinal muscles between two procedures, preoperative and postoperative MR images are compared and the ratio of atrophy was measured. Also incision size, volume of hemorrhage, bed time was evaluated. Results: Decrease of these oswestry scale, visual analog scale, pain score, and narcotic score values after transspinous-split laminectomy were found more than the decrease of those after classic laminectomy. Also, when we analyzed the responses of the patients to walking part of oswestry scale, we observed an important difference in favor of transspinous-split laminectomy group. Preoperative and postoperative MR images show that paraspinal muscle atrophy is less in transspinous-split laminectomy procedure. Hence, at these postoperative assessments, a significant difference in favor of transspinous-split laminectomy was determined. Conclusion: This study has showed that, transspinous-split laminectomy is a good alternative to classical laminectomy and minimal invasive technique by decreasing postoperative complications.

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