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Comparison of Vitamin D Status for Hirsutism, Biochemical Hyperandrogenism, Glycemia and Dyslipidemia among Subjects with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Background: Data indicates that Vitamin-D (VD) insufficiency (low level of serum VD) has a close association with many metabolic disorders. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is considered to be a metabolic disorder and VD administration has been attempted to ameliorate PCOS. VD insufficiency has been reported to be present in women with PCOS. However, coexisting conditions with PCOS (hyperandrogenism, insulin resistance, obesity, glucose intolerance, and dyslipidemia) have prevented to confirm this association.

Methods: We measured and compared serum VD level in patients with PCOS (n=169) vs. those without PCOS (n=164), who visited PNS HAFEEZ Hospital Islamabad between Jan 2018-July 2019. We also compared VD level in relation to the following: BMI (using General Linear Model (GLM)), glucose levels and lipid parameters for patients with vs. without PCOS. Free Androgen Index (FAI) and modified Ferriman Gallwey (mFG) scores were compared between VD groups using one-way ANOVA. GLM was used to compare the effects of VD status and presence or absence of PCOS on insulin resistance.

Results: Patients with PCOS, compared with those without it, showed lower VD levels regardless of BMI. Similarly, Lower level of Vitamin-D was observed in hyper-androgenism (Free Androgen Index (FAI)) and hirsutism (modified FG scores). Using univariate GLM with insulin resistance as dependent (confirmed) variable and PCOS and VD defined groups as independent factors, an increase in insulin resistance was observed with lower VD and the presence of PCOS.

Conclusion: Patients with PCOS had lower VD levels than those with non-PCOS.

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