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Consumer Perception and Behavioral Intention in Apparel E-Shopping: A Study on Chinese College Students

On the basis of technology acceptance model, the researchers examined the consumer’s perception, perceived from their satisfaction and online shopping usefulness, and tested the behavioral intention on co-design and repurchase. The data was collected from 203 undergraduate students aged from 18 to 23 years old in Shanghai, China. The frequency analysis, the confirmatory factor analysis, and the structural equation modeling were used for testing structure modeling and data analysis. The researchers confirmed the validity and reliability of structure modeling which was supported by six factors. Secondly, individual-preference-based perception and the perceived price range on the website positively affected the consumers’ satisfaction and experience on the usefulness of online shopping. Thirdly, the consumers’ satisfaction positively affected online co-design intention and repurchase intention. Fourthly, the usefulness of online shopping significantly affected the repurchase intention but did not relate to the online co-design intention. The results provided a valuable reference for apparel brands to develop consumer-centered online shopping service.

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