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Convolutional Neural Network Based Classification of Benign and Malignant Tumors from Breast Ultrasound Images

The widely used method for diagnosing the breast cancer is a Breast ultrasound (BUS) imaging, but the interpretation

will be vary based upon the experience of radiologist. Now a days CAD systems are available to provide the information

regarding BUS image classification. However, most of the CAD systems was based upon handcrafted features. Which

are designed for classifying the tumors. Therefore, the capability of these features will decide the CAD system accuracy which is used for classifying the tumors as benign and malignant. With the use of Convolutional Neural Network

(CNN) technology, we can improve the classification of BUS images.

last five years, Genetic engineering research is

becoming closer to the mass consumer. Leading global geneticists predict that in the coming years, a boom will occur

in the genetic engineering market, comparable to the massive spread of personal computers in the 1980s. Thus

genetically modified biomaterials with upgraded biological properties, expanding towards mass-scale industrial

production, and the considerable consumption in regular universal activities.

The techniques used to develop new materials and to modify the properties of existing materials, are subjected to

different industries and fields of scientific researches. CRISPR is an authoritative research tool that facilitates

scientists to deal with the expression of a gene. It has shown tremendous potential in genome research due to its

ability to delete unwanted traits, and possibly even replace them with desirable traits. It is agile, worthwhile, and

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