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Covid-19 pandemic effecting sleep and the guidelines for proper sleeping

Sleep play vital role for almost every aspect of human life. Pandemic coronavirus outbreak forced us to adjust to new normal in our daily routines; a lot of people have also experienced disruptions in their night time habits, resulting in poor sleep during the COVID19 pandemic. Factors liked increase in anxiety and depression, screen time, and a lack of exercise play a part in our sleep quality which in turn further affects how well we function, feel, and our immune system, strong, healthy immune system gives us a little more of a barrier against developing a COVID infection, it’s important to prioritize sleep It’s important now as of pandemic to keep consistent wake time and sleep time every day. When working from home and adjusting to this new way of life, it becomes tempting to sleep in later than usual. These things aren’t terrible, but added together they become a vicious cycle in which you’re not getting to sleep at night; you’re tired during the day so you take a long nap, and the cycle begins again leading to fall asleep at night. COVID-19 pandemic affected both insomnia- and circadianrhythm–related disorders either

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