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Creation of Conceptual Fashion Design Process Model

In recent decades, the world of fashion and textile design has become increasingly close and reliant on one another. Fashion designers understand that the future of their profession lies to a great extent of the individual’s ideas and meaning, not only depends on forms and materials. High-fashion has been referred to as “idea fashion”, and idea makers have been labeled as “fashion conceptualists” whose work is epitomized by innovation and experimentation. Conceptual fashion design can also defined as a fashion help in “finding yourself, in presenting the authentic nature of your internal and external self. Not reflection on the observation and evaluation of others, but instead personal sensation and enjoyment, and fashion as a medium to achieve this.
Although designers have intrinsic talents that may not be bound by rigid rules, a systematic framework should be helpful to provide a more effective and efficient design process. The existing models of creative processes of other design disciplines to tend to illustrate the diversity of the process and provide a broad description of the design process, but no specific framework has been proposed for conceptual fashion design. As there is an obvious knowledge gap between the subjects of conceptual fashion design, this study seeks to identify the dimensions of creative success within this specific domain. A thorough understanding of the dimensions of creativity theories and, creative processes in different design disciplines will help to develop a rich background to the study of creative activities within the domain of conceptual fashion design. The present research attempts on 1) explore the identification of the innovative conceptual fashion design and its creative system, 2) develop a theoretical framework of design process that presents a series of creative actions and 3) develop a model of design process that is generic to both textile design and fashion design, by rationally integrating professional knowledge from different design domains into a systematic conceptual framework. Completed with regard to detailed investigation on design process of conceptual fashion design, these raise my interests on the investigation of the design process of developing conceptual fashion design and the creative thinking within the mind of conceptual designers. Finally, this study documented and tracked the emergence and development of conceptual fashion, exposing interdisciplinary practice at the edges of the fashion discipline. 

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