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Curaderm : The undaunted new kid on the block for treating skin cancer

The incidence of skin cancer is higher than all other cancers combined and the rate of skin cancer is increasing more than any of the top ten cancers in man.  Dermatologists, surgeons, oncologists and radiotherapists usually jointly manage skin cancers.  The strengths and limitations of the established procedures are known.  The cost for bringing a new anticancer drug to the market is about US$1B.  This translates to the ranking of anticancer drugs as the first of global spending by therapeutic class, this is a challenge for the health care system and for those affected by cancer.

Curaderm, a naturally derived topical cream for the treatment of skin cancer, has over the last decades modestly shown to be a very safe and effective treatment with many more strengths than limitations when compared to other skin cancer therapies.  Curaderm contains a class of antineoplastic glycoalkaloids, known as solasodine rhamnosides (BEC).  This review presents the developmental stages of Research, Preclinical and Clinical (Phases I to IV) of the topical cream Curaderm.  Cytotoxic BEC drugs offer not only gains in specificity and efficacy, but also in safety, tolerability, non-resistance, convenience and affordability in the treatment of patients with skin cancer.

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