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Editorial Board

Bozena Michniak-Kohn

Bozena Michniak-Kohn, PhD
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA

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Eric Huang

Eric Huang, PhD
Department of Dermatology
University of California San Diego, USA

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Klaus Eisendle

Klaus Eisendle, PhD
Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology
Innsburck Medical University, Italy

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Claudio Guarneri

Claudio Guarneri, PhD
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Section of Dermatology
University of Messina, Italy

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Matteo Becatti

Matteo Becatti, PhD
Department of Clinical and Experimental Biochemical Sciences
University of Florence, Italy

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Stephane Heas

Stephane Heas, PhD
Sport and Physical Activities
University of Rennes, France

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Gerd Lindner

Gerd Lindner, PhD
Department for Biotechnology
Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany

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Cassian Sitaru

Cassian Sitaru, PhD
Department of Dermatology
University of Freiburg, Germany

Contact Cassian Sitaru

Rolland Gyulai

Rolland Gyulai, PhD
Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Dermatooncology
University of Pecs, Hungary

Contact Rolland Gyulai

Aylin Turel Ermertcan

Aylin Turel Ermertcan, MD
Department of Dermatology
Celal Bayar University, Turkey

Contact Aylin Turel Ermertcan

Sibel Alper

Sibel Alper, MD
Department of Dermatology
Istanbul Bilim University, Turkey

Contact Sibel Alper

Saja H Hamed

Saja H Hamed, PhD
Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences
The Hashemite University, Jordan

Contact Saja H Hamed

Emadeldin Elgamal

Emadeldin Elgamal, PhD
Faculty of Medicine
Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Contact Emadeldin Elgamal

Sidharth Sonthalia

Sidharth Sonthalia, MD
The Skin Clinic & Research Center

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