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Current challenges and adoption of Additive Manufacturing technology in Industrial sector

Statement of Problem: Additive Manufacturing, popularly known as 3D Printing considers an essential element of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 mission. Despite having many advantages from traditional manufacturing like low material wastage, fast production time, ease of operation, etc. AM still constraints with limited use. Apart from the theoretical advantage of AM, there are still in-depth studies required to incorporate AM technology into the industrial sector. The present study mainly focused on the various challenges of adopting AM technology in the industrial sector. The study also aims to provide possible solutions to overcome the same.Methodology: Detailed literature survey and state art of research has been conducted to frame the possible solutions. Interactions with many industrial leaders using questionnaire techniques to identify the challenges at their levels.Findings: The AM technology still lack of many challenges like standardization to incorporate into industries. The technology is mainly prototyping driven hence still there are challenges for final part production using AM. Conclusion & Significance: Utilization of Additive Manufacturing in industrial sector still requires many challenges to addresses. The present study addressed the current challenges and respective recommendations are frames to incorporate AM technologies into Industrial sectors

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