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Customer-Based Brand Equity in the Maldives

Customer-Based Brand Equity in the Maldives

Customer-based brand equity is one of the widely used concepts to measure and evaluate brand performance. The aim of this research was to adopt a widely used customer-based brand equity model in the context of the Maldives. Analysis of the customer-based brand equity of Coca-Cola in the Maldives including the concept of customer-based brand equity, an analysis of demographic factors that affect the dimensions of customer-based brand equity, and the factors that contribute to the customer-based brand equity were evaluated. ANOVA tests were applied to compare the means of the customer-based brand equity dimensions with different demographic characteristics and multiple regressions were used to examine the determinants of Coca-Cola’s loyalty. Perceived quality, brand loyalty and brand association were highly interrelated and have a significant role in creating customer based brand equity for Coca-Cola in the Maldives. Furthermore, this study reported that the location of respondents influence the customer-based brand equity which is consistent with previous studies in other countries. This study further confirms that females also have a significant influence in contributing to the dimensions of customer-based brand equity as reported in the findings. This research highlights the branding opportunities and challenges within the rapidly developing hospitality industry in the Maldives.

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