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Dark Tourism as an Exploration Tourism: Dark Tourism Potential of Nepal

Destinations create regional differences in the marketing arena to gain competitive advantage and sustainability among rival destinations. The development of new marketing strategies to attract tourists marks the differences between destinations. In addition, it is observed that depending on the tourist demand there has been a diversity of tourist habits. Thus, there have been types of tourism of special interest due to different demands, habits and interests that have emerged recently. One of the types of tourism of special interest is black tourism. Black tourism is a type of tourism of special interest that is associated with feelings of death, pain, sadness, etc. The main objective of the article is to explain the concept of black tourism and to publicize tourism of special interest, highlighting the tourist destinations with potential for black tourism in Nepal. This article emphasized the importance of the newly developed concept of black tourism and made several suggestions for future studies on the subject, leading to the black tourism destinations with the greatest tourism potential in Nepal and the world at large.

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