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Deficient Integration of Short and Long Term Memory in Individuals with Schizophrenia

A deficiency in processing, retaining and consolidating information in the short and long term memory is observed in schizophrenics. Dopaminergic levels and synchronism of neural inputs in coding of events interpreted by the central nervous system appear to be related to this deficiency. However, there is limited understanding on the specific memory functions through a specialized network and focused on areas of the brain. Therefore, we conducted a literature search in the databases PubMed, Scielo, Lilacs and Bireme to demonstrate the disintegration in the processing of information attributed to failures in connectivity between hippocampal neural circuits with the various encephalic areas in schizophrenic patients. The literature reports that schizophrenics, among other causes, have deficiencies in cortico-hippocampal connections that participating in separation of time pattern, processing and consolidation of memory.

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