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Demographic Contexts of Food Insecurity in Orders

The significance of story has long been honored in the field of aging. But stories differ. In this brief tract, I want to suggest the benefit of a deep story radically inclusive of what's unknown or neglected. This will enable a full story to crop which has the implicit to be transubstantiating. While this can be at any time in life, there are advantages that an aged person, with considerable life experience, can bring to this task. Why story? The value of a particular story or narrative has been appreciated in minding for the aged. Robert Butler developed the idea of a ‘life review ‘which becomes important as we develop. Indeed, Crites noted that narrative is the way we structure mortal experience, “Knowledge grasps its objects in an innately temporal way, and that its temporality is retained in the continuity of its experience as a whole”. Certain kinds of mortal understanding are irreducibly narrative in form. This is potentially integrative and remedial. Penne baker and Segal noted some advantages, “The beauty of a narrative is that it allows us to tie all the changes of our life into a broad comprehensive story”. There are narrative approaches in colorful disciplines, but a many that have fascinated me include narrative remedy and narrative theology

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