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Density Based Traffic System and Collision Alert at Intersection of Roads

Internet of things is the collection of gadgets and embedded objects to gather and exchange data by the usage of internet. The internet of things with intelligent transport system (ITS) has become the elucidation for the navigation of vehicles, traffic signal control systems and automatic number plate identification. It has been evolved in applications for providing contemporaneous data and feedback from diverse sources such as weather information, parking guidance and also the gentrify traffic information from time to time. The proposed system focuses on dynamic traffic light sequence based on the traffic density in order to decrease the rate of accidents at intersection of roads. The obstacles that may or may not occur at intersection are recognized and warned by usage of an alert system and a notification is generated. The traffic management is used to supervise and retrieve current status of traffic and violators are discovered. This is mainly done to evacuate the traffic
congestion and accidents at peak hours.

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