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Design of Women's Pants Based on the Pants Silhouettes (Case Study: 19th Century To The Present)

Pants, which cover the feet and cover half of the body, are an important part of clothing. Among all the clothes, perhaps, women’s pants are the only cover that is not paid much attention to, and this is the reason for dealing with it, as well as personal interest in the types of pants silhouettes that influenced the choice of the subject of this research. In this regard, the study of the history of pants, especially in the 19th century, and the 20th century, when wearing pants became popular among women in this century, and the definition of silhouette, how it came into being and the factors influencing it, as well as dealing with different types Pants are essential.

In this article, the aim is to introduce and examine pants in different types of silhouettes in more detail. Also, the designs should be such that the pants are out of their simple and permanent form, so that along with a cover such as a skirt, pants are also selected as a suitable option in parties and gatherings.

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