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Developing Ideal Solution for Acute Wound Treatment by Regenerative Medicine

People tend to get injured, leading to wounds with losses of multiple tissues including skin, subcutaneous tissue, tendons and bones. There effective management is a complex process, but the outcomes many a time remain unpredictable. The complications involve further tissue loss, infections and non healing ulcers leading to huge morbidity. Throughout the world large resources are spent, consuming billions of dollars, towards manage these wounds and lessen the morbidity. A simple therapy for effective wound management if evolved will transform this health problem and save lot of sufferings. Method: The “Sandeep’s Technique’s for Assisted Regeneration of Skin” (STARS) is therapy for complete healing of wounds with Autologous self activated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), imparted as local subcutaneous infiltrate in the wound margin or underneath the necrotic Flap, on every 4th day, till complete regeneration takes place and wound heals. The wounds are dressed daily / alternate day with only moist saline. It is a prospective case series of 36 cases of acute wounds over limbs associated with problems such as compound fracture, amputations, infections, post surgical necrotising flaps treated with STARS, treated at Acharya Vinobha Bhave Rural Hospital, J. N. Medical College, Wardha, INDIA. Finding: The final outcome is complete / near complete healing of all the wounds without requiring any surgical or intense medical intervention. Interpretation: This method of treatment assisted with Platelet rich plasma as regenerative medicine product is safe, easy, effective and efficient mode of wound management. It is simple innovation, which can be adopted universally as an ideal treatment for wounds, minimising the morbidity and preserving the resources across the globe.

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