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Development of High-PowerRectifier for Power FactorCorrection Using InterleavedBoost Topology

n this paper, a 2KW rectifier with power factor correction is designed and developed. The converter is applied for server application, which adopts two phase interleaved boost converter (IBC). The circuit operates in continuous current conduction (CCM) mode and use a cascade control strategy. Cascade control has two loops; inner current loop uses average current control and outer voltage loop uses PI control strategy. In order to verify feasibility of proposed scheme, firstly; a 2KW IBC type PFC is simulated using PSIM software and then a prototype is developed which is converting 180-260V AC input voltage to 400V DC output voltage, is implemented using a Microchip IC dsPIC33FJ16GS504. The experimental results are satisfactory, which reveal that a power factor is 0.9992 (close to unity), THD less than 5% and more than 98% efficiency at 100 KHz switching frequency, 230Vrms input voltage and power output from 400W to 2KW

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