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Development of Theoretical Fashion Design Process Model for Modern Elderly Women

A design process becomes the way designers respond to this variable problem structure. A structured design process helps designers as markets become increasingly aggressive; companies’ use of team formats for solving problems is increasing, and developing fashion products becomes more complex. Therefore, studying how controlling and varying these design processes is one of the most important skills a designer must develop. There is a tremendous growth of needs in terms of both quantity and quality regarding elderly fashion clothing nowadays due to the aging population and the transformation of elderly fashion clothing in that more modern elderly consumers wish to buy more and better fashion clothing. The main objectives of this study are to: a) examine the major influential fashion design creation factors; b) investigate the methods for gathering inspiration and analysing collected information; c) identify the criteria used to evaluate the new elderly fashion designs; and d) study the sequence of stages in the design process. A theoretical fashion design process model for modern elderly women will be developed accordingly

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