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DHT11 Based Temperature and Humidity Measuring System

Temperature and humidity are very important parameters of the environment. This is shown in various industries like medicine, food, paper mills, textile, metrological, semiconductors, services etc.

The measurement of temperature and relative humidity remotely by using the appropriate sensors is not only important in environmental or weather monitoring but also crucial for many industrial processes. A device for weather monitoring has been developed as described in this paper to monitor and display the temperature and relative humidity of the atmosphere, using a digital component, the DHT11. The DHT11 is a basic, ultralow-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor. It measures the surrounding air and gives a calibrated digital signal output of the temperature and relative humidity. It is fairly simple to use. Historical and real time data can be accessed worldwide using the GSM network. The system can also be configured to transmit data on alarm or at pre-set intervals to a mobile phone using SMS text messaging.

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