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Early diagnosis of recurrent differentiated thyroid cancer using PET/CT vs RAI whole body scan and USG neck after thyroid surgery

Aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of PET/CT vs Radioactive Iodine Whole Body Scan and USG neck in early diagnosis of recurrent
thyroid cancer. The prospective study conducted in PGIMER, India from July 2013 till December 2014 in 30 patients divided into two groups
of cases and controls with 15 patients in each group. CECT and fused PET/ CT imaging were done in all patients prior to surgery. PET/CT
was repeated after 24 weeks of surgery. In control group, RAI-WBS and USG neck were done at 24 weeks. Strongly positive Correlations with
Recurrence, Metastatic neck lymph nodes, Size of the Thyroid lesion preoperatively, Size of the Neck swelling clinically and Duration of Symptoms.
Incidence of recurrence was 26.67 %. PET/CT has lower sensitivity but higher specificity than RAI-WBS and USG neck (66% vs 75%) and (91%
vs 78%) for early detection of recurrence.

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