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Early sensorimotor relations between respiratory - and postural imbalances and oral imbalance

The gap between medical and dental world is the reason why nobody has never published about this multifactorial topic. We are now able to explain how dental malocclusions and oro-facial dysfunctions are linked to imbalances during the perinatal sensorimotor coordinations, often leading in adulthood  to general posture (lumbo-sciatic) and/or respiratory disorders (OSA). If, since the first neurodevelopmental steps, the determination of the primary oro-facial balance is the witness as well as a relay of an accurate implementation of the child’s posture balance (both being under the required control of the respiratory balance between nasal ventilation and mouth breathing), this means that we are heading towards a new daily concern and an additional responsibility for paediatricians in monitoring children’s growth. Building on more than 40 years of study, practice and experience in Pediatric Orthodontics, my expertise has been fast-tracked and consolidated through my education in Bullinger’s early sensorimotor assessment (UNIL-Lausanne 2014). From then, I am pursuing personal clinical research by collecting and comparing pre-neo-and postnatal data for sensorimotor development with tridimensional cranio-facial imbalance and malocclusions (more than 150 cases).  The critical period is the first vertical balance determination from sitting to standing position where occur  the primary incisor eruptions and connections. (the three loops theory). Through this new integrative and anterograde analysis of the early and tight coordination between the implementation of the first 3D determinants for R.P.O balances, we can offer a helpful daily tool for paediatricians: Orthoglobal Concept’s early assessment for a first quick and global synthesis of these Respiratory – Postural – Oro-facial (RPO) balances.

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