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Effect of N- Acetylcysteine on Nasal Mucociliary Clearance in Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is a common health problem that causes loss of productivity throughout the world, which is treated by variety of means.
Aim: To evaluate the effect of N- acetylcysteine on nasal mucociliary clearance by Andersen, saccharine method.
Materials and method: Study was conducted in thirty normal adult subjects and sixty patients in age group of 19- 55 years of chronic sinusitis diagnosed on the basis of major & minor criteria of sinusitis and substantiated by radiology. The nasal mucociliary clearance was evaluated before and after the treatment with N- acetylcysteine and levofloxacin with Andersen’s method, in which a saccharin particle of 1.5mm diameter was used.
Result: Nasal mucociliary clearance time in 30 healthy controls was 8.37 ± 1.54, 30 chronic sinusitis patients before treatment 18.4 ± 2.73 minutes and 11.24 ± 2.51 minutes after treatment with levofloxacin & N- acetylcysteine respectively. In group C, it was 19.52 ± 2.26 minutes before treatment and 13.37 ± 2.58 minutes after treatment with levofloxacin. The difference in mean value of two samples after treatment was statistically significant.
Conclusion: N – acetylcysteine mucolytic agent in combination of antibiotic is helpful for the treatment of chronic sinusitis, which not only helps in removal of stagnated mucus by improving nasal mucociliary clearance but also help the antibiotic to be more effective.

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