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Effect of Nutritional Education Program on Anthropometric Measurement of Type-2 Diabetic Patients in Raipur city

The study was focused on effect of nutritional education program on anthropometric measurement of type-2 diabetes patients in the Raipur city, obesity is a major risk factor in the type 2 diabetes mellitus patients (T2DM).The present study was aimed to compare the association between Pre and Post anthropometric measurements of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. This study was done on 300 diabetic patients 192 male and 108 female patients. The functional food like; Fenugreek seed, flaxseed, centrathrum anthelmintic (kaali jeeri), nigella sativa (kalonji), almonds are very beneficial food to manage obesity of the type-2 diabetes patients. These functional foods are good source of fiber, magnesium, and other good micronutrients. The nutritional education program becomes more helpful to lose weight and manage to waist hip ratio of the patient’s and assessment of Knowledge Attitudes and Practices (KAP) test of the patients. According to nutritional education program calorie, fat were reduced and protein, fiber intake of the patients were increased. In pre-test frequency the 62 patients were found obese, and after post-test frequency 51 patients found obese. The KAP test is a crucial element of diabetes mellitus control. The KAP test was became very beneficial among diabetes patients to management of obesity. So the patients reduced obesity due to nutritional education program.

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