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Effect of Process (Desizing, Scouring and Bleaching) Chemicals on the Properties of the Fabrics used (Cotton and Viscose) during Pre-Treatment

Many times it has been found that due to inaccurate shade matching and many correction required in textile wet processing industry affecting the quality and efficiency. Most of the time it has been observed that most of the textile industry are trying to achieve perfect shade matching at right first time dyeing. The key role is of pre-treatment process in shade matching and due to correct procedure and optimized selection of the chemicals this can be achieved in first attempt only, When the fabric is given proper pre-treatment process with improved favourable properties then there are very less chances of having difference in shade matching, so if we emphasize on proper selection of the chemicals and process parameters, we can focus on the quality of the product along with good efficiency. In this research work grey cotton and viscose fabric was given pre-treatment process to know the effect of chemicals on various properties of the cotton. The behavioural changes observed in cotton and viscose was different for some properties. This showed that by selection of the chemical and process parameters there was improvement in some properties of cotton whereas there was deterioration of other properties for the same fibres whereas it also showed that viscose showed enhancement in some properties which we were not knowing and this make this research work to be carried out with more energy and efforts were put into it. This Study helps to make it firm to know the reason for the changes observed in the properties with difference in selection of the chemicals and other processing parameters. By optimization of the chemicals along with process parameters it has been found that the properties of the fabric improved in  performance  and also showed removal of impurities much easier during the process of desizing, scouring ad bleaching There is a reduction in the width of the fabric observed after the bleaching process for both the fabric, but however it showed the increase in the absorbency of the fabric due to removal of the impurities along with the removal of some cellulosic content which might have contributed towards the deterioration of some physical properties. This study specifies that with optimum selection of the chemicals and process parameters we can improve the quality of the fabric along with the efficiency of the process

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