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Effectiveness of Conservative Treatment with Physiotherapy in an Adolescent Male with Scheurmann’s Disease: A Case Report

Study design: A single case study design Background: Scheuermann’s Disease is the developmental disorder of spine in which wedge shaped vertebrae of thoracic spine are found which leads to excessive curvature and postural abnormality that causes stiffness and pain in upper back and later compromise of respiratory functions and disability occurs. Objectives: To investigate the effect of spinal mobilization, breathing exercise and home exercises in an adolescent with Scheuermann’s Disease. Methods: This study was done on a 17 years old boy with the complaint of severe low back pain. An exercise program was given for 45 minutes for 8 weeks which included postural correction, strengthening and breathing retraining with chest expansion exercises. The changes in pain was evaluated by NRPS, muscle strength by MMT, Cobb’s angle by X-ray and functional ability was assessed by Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire Results: Results of the study showed that patients improved with his pain, muscle strength, and functional abilities. Dyspnea of the patient also improved with breathing retarining. Conclusion: From this study it is concluded that spinal mobilization and breathing retraining with chest expansion and practicing these at home helps to relieve pain and reduce disability in patients with Scheuermann’s disease.

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