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Effects of Nonlinear Training with Resistance Exercise on Breast Cancer Survivor with Lymphedema and Hypothyroidism during Adjuvant Hormone Therapy: A Case Study

Exercise is considered capable of optimizing the immune system and minimizing the side effects of adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapies in cancer (BC) survivors. Despite these findings, the effects of nonlinear resistance training (NLRT) on breast cancer (BC) survivors with lymphedema have not yet been elucidated. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of 12 weeks of NLRT, three times a week, on lipid and hormonal profiles, body composition and anthropometric indices, muscle strength and endurance, aerobic performance, and blood pressure (BP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP) in a BC survivor with lymphedema and hypothyroidism under hormonotherapy. A 43 years old female, diagnosed with an invasive ductal and triple positive (PR+ and RE+) BC three years ago, lymphedema two years ago and hypothyroidism 9 years ago, under use of Tamoxifen (20 mg/day) for 3 years (hormonotherapy) and Euthyrox (25 mg/day) for 9 years, was assessed before and after each resistance training. There was improvement in lipid and hormonal profiles, anthropometric indices, upper and lower limb strength and endurance, and resting BP and MAP. Although there was no difference in physical fitness in a 6-minute walk test, the heart rate decreased during this test. The application of NLRT for 12 weeks was beneficial and safe in a BC survivor undergoing hormonotherapy.

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