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Effects on Quality of Life and Rehabilitation Therapy in Low Dose of Rotigotine in Post-Stroke Patients with Vascular Parkinsonism and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome

Stroke is a frequent cause of disability in U.S.A. (200.000/ year). Aim: The aim of this study is to underline the effect of low dose of Rotigotine patches 2 mg/24 h, a complete dopamine agonist with continuous dopaminergic stimulation through the transdermal administration, in elderly with recent stroke and vascular Parkinsonism about quality of life and adherence to rehabilitation therapy. Methods: We have enrolled 6 elderly patients (3 males and 3 females, range age 60 – 95 years) with recent ischemic and vascular Parkinsonism. We have evaluated quality of life and cognitive function with UPDRS part III, MMSE, ADL, IADL and Morinsky Scale. At the same time we have evaluated the adherence to therapy and timing of rehabilitation therapy before and post-administration of Rotigotine 2 mg/24 hours. Conclusion: In conclusion, Rotigotine could be a new useful approach in the treatment of elderly patients with recent ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke correlated with vascular Parkinsonism which can lead to an akinesia with the need to start rehabilitation therapy. Our preliminary data gives comfortable results but, at this time, we have enrolled only few patients to give conclusive results.

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