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Efficacy of Virus Inhibitory Agent (VIA), Isolated from Host Plants Treated with Purified Clerodendrum aculeatum Phytoprotein Alone and in Combination with Bioenhancers

It was revealed that the effectiveness of VIAs, obtained from source hosts, pretreated either with purified CA phytoprotein alone or in combination with a few bioenhancers, was variable. Out of all those used, VIA isolated from the leaves of Crotolaria juncea (CT-VIA), pretreated with purified phytoprotein, isolated from the leaves of Clerodendrum aculeatum plants (CA-phytoprotein), along withbioenhancer (L-Lysine monohydro Chloride - CA+M9), gave best response, when mixed with an inoculum of Sunnhemp Rosette Virus, incubated in-vitro before inoculation and then assayed for its antiviral efficacy on the leaves of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba plants. The VIA, at a concentration of 1:10, was found to be optimum and further increase in its strength did not show any considerable effect on ex vivo inactivation of Virus. Local lesions appeared, on the leaves of treated and untreated (control) plants of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba 4-6 days following virus inoculation, exhibited significant reduction of 88%, 95%, 90% and 93% by CT-VIA isolated from the leaves treated with CA alone, CA+M9, CA+M3 and CA+M9+M3 respectively.

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