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Elderly and COVID-19 in sub saharien country. Niger experience

Background : The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrom Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) -2, is a new type of beta coronavirus with high pathogenicity in humans. in  elderly or people with multiple morbidities, the virus is more likely to cause severe interstitial pneumonia. Our aim was to To determine the sociodemographics, clinicals and therapeutics  aspects of COVID-19 in Niger elderly’s patients. Methodology: This is a prospective and retrospective study  from March 23, 2020 to June 23, 2020 on  COVID-19 positive patients. Results: On total of 1076 test realised 292 patients had over than 60 years old (27%)  in witch, 141 patient  were positive for Covid19 infection; the mean age was 68.8 years old ?60 - 92 years? with men predominance (70%), retires (42%) , marrieds (65%) and totaly lives in theirs familly. 70% of patients had at least one (1) comorbidity.There was most  hospitalised elderly (58%)  and characterised by most frequent: old old patient (71%), severe form (92%), comorbidity (77%), mortality (80%) and 99% of using hydroxychloroquin treatment. There major patient had normal nutritionnal status(69%), normal cognitive status  (90%) and autonom (90%). Conclusion: Hospitalisation was frequent with increase age, comorbidity, gravity of Covid-19 infection and hydroxychloroquin treatment indication. The The global mortality was 29% and predominant in hospitalisation. The treatmnent at domicile is possible if respected good practice. 

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