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Energy Imbalances and Chakras Energy Deficiencies in the Treatment of Acne

Introduction: Acne is the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acne is caused by internal Heat retention and invasion of Dampness.

Purpose: To exhibit the significance of the rectification of the vitality irregular imbalances and chakras vitality inadequacy on the treatment of skin acne.

Methods: Two case reports of one teenager and a youthful grown-up, with skin inflammation for quite a long while. The main patient did treatment with skin anti-infection agents and creams, having little improvement with backslides after the pulled back of the drug. The second patient did two treatments with Isotretinoin, with improvement, but recurrence after the withdrawn of the medication as well.  Both patients were submitted to the measurement of the chakras, which revealed complete deficiency on six of the seven chakras, measured in level 1 of 8. Both patients started treatment with auricular acupuncture associated with apex ear bloodletting, Chinese dietary counseling, and the use of homeopathy to replenish the energy of the chakras. The second patient is performing out a similar treatment, with the expansion of crystal based drugs

Results: Both patients had improvement with the treatment instituted and are still being treated, but the improvement was noticed three months after the beginning of the treatment, in the case of the first patient, and one month of treatment for the second patient.

Conclusion: For the treatment of patients with skin inflammation it is critical to treat the vitality lopsided characteristics at the root level, reorientating the eating regimen, remedying the vitality awkward nature, and renewing the vitality of the chakra with high-diluted meds.

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