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Environmental epigenetics and human health care under environmental exposure

Human is exposed to a huge number of environmental influencesthat have effects on epigenetic mechanisms. Epigeneticsis a field in biology that focuses on inherited changes in thegene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes inthe DNA sequence. Environmental epigenetics describes howenvironmental factors affect cellular epigenetics and, hence,the human health. A foundational goal for the people is toimprove their health, which typically includes positive changesin lifestyle and especially diet. The aim of this work is to explainthe fundamentals of epigenetics, the relationship the environmentalfactor and the medical care aspects of epigeneticswith a focus on human systems, environmental epigenetics andexplains the effects of diet and environmental epigenetics onhuman health and disease. Epigenetics explains how environmentalexposures can modify gene expression and influencecell properties. Epigenetic change is a regular and natural occurrencebut can be influenced by several factors such as humanage, parenting, the environment, diseases and disorders,drugs and addiction, lifestyle, diet (Here, it focus on the possibleepigenetic connections between improving health and consumingfoods) and sport exercise. How the same genotype cangive rise to different phenotypes under different environmentalconditions. The initiation in a research project in the field ofepigenetics explains the influence of environmental factors onthe properties of cells and gene expression. Identification ofthe fundamental epigenetic modifications and markers help torecognize the health disorders at earlier stages of the diseases,improving treatment outcomes and quality of life for manypeople. Extensive research in this field would do a great dealto protect public health, both now and in future generations.More researches are required from scientific and medical communityto view human

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