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Epidemiological Profile of Acute Viral Hepatitis in world

Viral liver disease is one of the major public health concerns around the world but until not very long ago it has drawn little attention or money from worldwide health policymakers. Every year people die from viral liver disease-related liver disease and liver cancer. However, most of the infected population are unaware of their condition. This population have significant blocking or stopping things to overcome such as lack of knowing about something, weakness that could be used to hurt someone or something, increased moving from one place to another, disease mark of shame, unfair treatment based on skin color, age, etc., as well as poor health useful things/valuable supplies, conflict in policy development and program putting into use. Even though there is the existence of putting into use infection control measures over the last twenty years destruction/permanent removal or significant disease reduction remains hard to see/hard to catch. This study aims to present the current worldwide number status and examines possible elimination success plans/ways of reaching goals. The information for this research were gotten through a well-thoughtout review, published scientific literatures, the official websites of different government organisations, international public health organisations and in other countries recognised legal/law-based bodies over a period of time.

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