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Epidemiology of Psoriasis: Comorbidities Frequency and Healthcare Services: A Descriptive Study of 122 189 Patients in Mexico

Objective: The purpose of this pilot study was to describe the clinical and epidemiological behavior related to psoriasis in adult patients, older than 18 years in a period of 5 years in Mexico is used the database System of Analysis of Noncommunicable Diseases (SANENT) in the IMSS. Methods: Observational, retrospective and descriptive study (2013-2017), with the ICD-10 codes, which was obtained from the information systems of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). A total of 122,189 records of people diagnosed with psoriasis. Results: The study included from 2013 to 2017, psoriasis patients had an average age of 48.2 years. It was identified that 0.8% (n=1,007) recorded hospital discharges during the mentioned period. In 12% of hospitalized patients, the presence of some comorbidity added to psoriasis was documented, the most frequent being the presence of systemic heart disease (41%) and psoriatic arthritis (34%). The factors that increased the length of hospital stay were in-hospital complications (p=0.001), surgical procedures (p=0.001) and age (p<0.001). The factors that were associated with an increased risk of presenting inhospital complications were age (OR 1.02), while in male sex (OR 0.57) was a protective factor. The factor associated with the risk of death was age (OR 1.02). The prevalence in health services found in adults with psoriasis was 0.38%. In hospitalized patients they had a mortality of 5.79%. Conclusions: In this study demonstrated that in psoriasis patients the age was a constant risk factor for longer hospital stay, hospital complications and mortality; also, surgical procedures and hospital complications increased the length of hospital stay.

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