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Equatorial Scleral Anchor for the Weakening of the Inferior Oblique Muscle

Objective: The study was conducted to evaluate the mid-term effectiveness of a new surgical approach in the reduction of overaction of the inferior oblique muscle.

Methods: A new surgical treatment was developed consisting of suturing the muscle to the sclera at the Gobin’s point with tendon sparing by way of a micro-incision to reduce any tissue damage during the surgical procedure and to enhance the healing process. The treatment was evaluated postoperatively in a group of 150 patients with primary or secondary inferior oblique overaction.

Results: All patients experienced a complete resolution of the elevation in adduction, no residual vertical imbalance, lateral incomitance was improved.

Conclusion: The outcome of the new equatorial scleral anchor surgical treatment has been generally accepted as favourable in our study, also if compared with the results yielded by the most frequently used anterior transposition of the inferior oblique muscle. The new surgical treatment appears to be a relatively a less invasive, safe, reversible technique, including the potential to perform the procedure with an adjustable suture.

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