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Establishment of Body Auto Fitting Model "Bafm" using "Nj-Gpm" At Toyota

The Toyota Production System (TPS) exemplifies Japanese manufacturing. It has been further developed and spread in the form of internationally shared global production systems. The author has proposed the New Japan Global Production Model NJ-GPM, a system designed to achieve worldwide uniform quality and production at optimal locations the keys to successful global production at Toyota. Based on NJ-GPM, the author has further established the Body Auto Fitting Model BAFM. The author has realized innovative unmanning of a fitting line by integrating the technologies utilizing BAFM. The ability to automatically fit and fasten the door, hood, and luggage compartment panels to the car body was achieved, utilizing robotics, vision systems, bolt tightening, and product quality management. This paper shows the development of the highly reliable production system combining the following three items: (1) panel fitting accuracy, (2) automatic bolt tightening, and (3) integration into a flexible assembly line at Toyota.

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