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Estimation of Displacement Tissues in Breast Ultrasound Ultrasound Elastography

Displacement estimation in ultrasound imaging is a topic of crucial research in diagnosis of diseases related to tissue stiffness that to analyze expression differences between normal and tumor cells of various tissue. In this work, we investigate a new clinical application of the monogenic signal method. The new case report focuses on the study of breast organ of which the estimated displacement is done by monogenic signal method. This method has proven effective in the case of heart and thyroid organs but it is never applied to estimate breast tissue displacement. In this context, we adopt this technique for breast case study analyzing, that to be used as a future application in estimation of breast tissue elasticity. Our proposed method is used that to excerpt ultrasound breast image features such as local orientation and phase using pre and post compression image, image features are used to estimate analytically the displacement fields. By Adapting this model on breast organ, we show that it has proven effective sub pixel accuracy in breast tissues, it gives better values in term of standard deviation, better contrast to noise ratio (CNR)and much faster than Block Matching (BM) method.

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