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Evaluation of 18 Protocols Using Single and Double Spin Techniques for the Production of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous biologic product derived from the centrifugation of whole blood that produces a liquid fraction containing platelet concentrate above its baseline along with multiple growth factors. PRP has been used in different musculoskeletal pathologies promoting angiogenesis, tissue regeneration and repair. In order to inject good quality of PRP, it is important to evaluate and understand how different protocols affect the collection and production of good quality PRP. This study demonstrates and compares different existing protocols and their results regarding pure platelet rich plasma concentration. After performing 18 different protocols with different centrifugal force and times, it was found that the single spin technique of 600g for 5 minutes had the greatest concentration of platelets with a concentration factor of 2.64 greater than the baseline. The double spin technique showed to concentrate the platelets even more than the single spin technique. The double spin technique with the protocol of 600g for 5 minutes showed a concentration factor of 5.76 greater than the baseline. This study offers a guide for the production and collection best concentrated PRP.

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