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Evaluation of Mist–Netting Technique for Capturing Field Birds

A study to assess the efficacy of mist–netting technique for capturing of avian pests was carried out in a millet field at Gharo, lower Sindh, Pakistan. A total of 1560 (mean: 52.00 ± 3.98/day) house sparrows, Passer domesticus (59.75%), 161 (mean: 4.37 ± 0.45/day) rose–ringed parakeets, Psittacula krameri (6.16%), 833 (mean: 27.77 ± 2.32/day) spice finches, Lonchura punctulata (31.9%) and 57 (mean: 1.87 ± 0.24/day) other birds (2.18%) were captured. House sparrows, Passer domesticus, and spice finches, Lonchura punctulata, were found the most abundant species damaging the crop. Capture success of the birds differed significantly for different bird species and capture times. Mist–nets had been used as an important tool for population monitoring however, the present study highlight the significance of mist net technique as an important tool for reducing number of small pest birds in combination with other avian management techniques used for Integrated Pest Management. Recommended regime would be from sunrise to sunset with have peak duration i.e early sunset and pre–sunset interval.

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