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Eversense TM Sensor and Transmitter - Interesting Radiological Images Seen on Plain X-rays of Upper Arms

A 43-year-old woman presents to discuss continuous glucose monitor (CGM) technologies. She has type 1 diabetes mellitus diagnosed at age 14 and has been on insulin pump since 2001 which was upgraded to MedtronicTM 630G in July 2017. She has adequate glycemic control (A1c 7.3%), but finger-stick blood glucose levels fluctuate widely with occasional hypoglycemia. Past surgical history was noncontributory. She exercises regularly, walking 30 minutes several times per day with a goal of 7000 steps per day. She tried to use a CGM in 2018 (Medtronic) but she discontinued the CGM due to frequent alarms. Patient reports the alarms were not due to highs or lows, but due to difficulty with obtaining accurate readings. Patient consulted an endocrine clinic to improve blood glucose monitor with new CGM technology. EversenseTM CGM was placed on the left arm. Patient returned 3 months later for placement of a new EversenseTM CGM on the right arm and removal of the EversenseTM in the left arm. X-ray imagings of both arms showed the EversenseTM sensor and transmitter on the right arm and the sensor alone on the left arm

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