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Evolving Islamic Styles of Dressing in the Punjab, Pakistan


 Archeologists and anthropologists have explained early clothing styles against the harshness of weather that had primarily some purposes such as decoration, magic, cult or prestige and protection, however, latter found to be more practical as it was resulted by the extreme climate conditions. Biologically speaking, no clothes were used in the hot summer and sweating environs, and if it had to use then they were remained open or unstitched. In the case of extreme cold conditions, the development of closely fitted or skintight style of clothing was a behavioral adaptation to deal with the chill. In the ancient times, these purposes of clothing have resulted into various styles of clothing. With the passage of time as the human civilization developed these purposes remained almost unchanged. Yet the particular style of dressing used in specific region depends on the domination of certain purpose or the geographic conditions. As far as South Asia is concerned, it would not be wide of the mark to say that all walks of everyday life are influenced, or rather defined by religion. Accordingly, the Muslim society of the Punjab, Pakistan is also no exception.

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