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Exploring the Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility at Chinese Hotels

Exploring the Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility at Chinese Hotels

Corporations increasingly are expected to not only generate profits but to behave in ways that are socially responsible. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a global phenomenon impacting companies in both developed and developing countries. The current qualitative study used interviews from 17 hotel managers in China to explore the key drivers for hotel management there to undertake socially responsible activities. The research revealed that managers were motivated to implement CSR due to belief in its long-term value for the company and due to traditional cultural beliefs. The managers expected CSR activities to generate significant benefits including stronger corporate culture and greater engagement as well as enhancement of the reputation of the hotel over time. Immediate benefits, such as reduced labor costs and reduced operating costs, also were seen as important benefits of CSR, particularly among smaller hotel companies. One may note that hotel managers reported much of the CSR related activities were undertaken by primary stakeholders, particularly employees or local community members.

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