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Foreign Body in Middle Ear: Our Experience

Background: Individuals often come to hospital with cases of foreign body ear. Foreign body middle ear though rare can lead to complications if not removed early in the course.
Objective: This study was done to analyse the patients with foreign body ear, the common causes which lead to foreign body middle ear and its management.
Material and Method: A review of cases of foreign body ear over two years was done from May 2013 to June 2015 and cases with foreign bodies embedded in middle ear were documented and their cause and management was tabulated.
Results: Total of 30 patients were screened with 20 males & 10 females mean age group being 7 years. 26 patients had iatrogenic perforation of tympanic membrane by inexperienced hands that lead to middle ear foreign body. Management of 90% of the cases was done under operating microscopic examination permeatally under general anaesthesia and in few cases post aural approach was used.
Conclusion: Foreign bodies in middle ear are most commonly a reason of wrong handling of patients by inexperienced hands and can lead to permanent disability.

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