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Ganglioneuroblastoma of the Cerebellum: A Case Report

Ganglioneuroblastoma of the Cerebellum: A Case Report

Background: Ganglioneuroblastoma of the cerebellum is a rare childhood malignancy.

Methods: A case report of a child with gangliocerebelloneuroblastoma.

Results: A 2 years and 11 months old boy presented with acute onset of bilateral weakness in lower and upper limbs, unsteady gait, headache, and dysarthria. The Computerized Tomography scan of brain was indicative of posterior fossa tumor. Midline suboccipital craniotomy was done with histological examination of tumor tissue sections confirming cerebellar neuroblastoma (World Health Organization grade IV). Patient received chemotherapy in addition to surgery. Six months post-chemotherapy follow-up confirmed no recurrence.

Conclusion: Gangliocerebelloblastoma is a rare complication in children. It further draws attention to the importance of ganglioneuroblastoma as a differential to be considered for cerebellar tumors in children.

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