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Giant Condylomata Acuminata of Buschke and Lowenstein in a Young Cameroonian

A 20 years old man presented with a budding swelling which started on his glans penis as a wart 4 years ago and then gradually spread over the inguinal regions, initially appearing as condylomata acuminata and then progressing to moderately painful cauliflower lesion with no notion of fever (Figure 1). He regularly applied traditional decoctions without effect on the tumor. He has been sexually active from the age of 15 and practices unprotected sex. His HIV, viral hepatitis B and C and syphilis serologies were negative. No history of chronic inflammation of that region, immunosuppression factors in him or his family or history of STIs were found. The management was surgical with complete removal of the budding lesions whose pathological analysis concluded on a “Giant condyloma acuminatum”. Isolated and recurrent warts were treated with podophyllin following the surgery. The evolution was favourable after 1 year. He is however regular followed-up every 6 months to assess relapse.

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