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Gibberellins Production Techniques by Immobilization

The gibberellins are one of the major groups of growth promoting hormones which play an essential role in regulation of growth and development of angiospermic plants. Gibberellins are secondary metabolites of the fungus, Gibberella fujiluroi with its imperfect state of Fusarium moniliforme. F. moniliforme gives higher yields of GA3 on a variety of media and is associated with bakane diseases of rice. The performance of immobilized growing cells of Gibbrella fujikuroi-52 was affected by the immobilization agent used, nature and age of cells, mycelial cell density and size of beads. The beads, prepared by using standardized procedures, could be used for 7 cycles without affecting productivity in semi-continuous culture. The rate of production of gibberellic acid was 0.33-65 mg/l/h. In immobilized cells, GF-52 produced highest GA3 i.e. 0.99 g/l as compared to 0.77 g from in un-immobilized cells. Immobilized cells produced 0.74 g/l as compared to 0.57 g/l in un-immobilized cells.

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