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Globalization of Economies and Media Impacts Indigenous Cultures in Many ways

Globalization has been defined as the process that promote exchange, promotion, interaction and transaction of goods, services, people, images, messages, technologies and concepts transcending the geographic areas, space, and cultures. It is a complex and multifaceted phenomena with various dimensions. Social Scientists across the globe have looked at globalization as social and economic phenomena that promote concentration of global wealth in the hands of few rich individuals at the cost of millions of populations. This would undermine the importance of nation states while the transnational economic powers enjoy supremacy over the elected governments. There are sections of the society that view globalization as a process that facilitates free movement of people, promoting interaction by overcoming the barriers like space, place and cultures. This would rather create borderless societies where people have free and easy access to technology that would create many opportunities. Irrespective of the benefits, globalization has been viewed as negatively impacting the societies as it erodes the native and indigenous cultures that are known for their unique language, dialect, lifestyle, profession and culture.

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