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Grapes Likeliness in Reference to Blood Sugar Level

The objective of the present study was to check the relationship between blood sugar level and the grapes likeliness. As the grapes are sweet fruits so they ultimately affect the blood glucose level. First we have measure the blood glucose level of the participants. There are two methods for the measurement of blood glucose level. First is a laboratory method that is time consuming. We used simple method for BGL that is described below. Before starting the procedure first we should managed the some essential tools that are test strips ,blood glucose meter, alcohol swab, lancet and chart of blood glucose level. First we clean the second finger with help of cotton and entered the lancet into the finger and got a drop of blood by gently pushing. This drop of water is removed from the strip and is placed on the meter which can easily measure our blood sugar level and show the results on the screen. We have to compare these results with our previous and other test results and by this we can judge that our blood glucose is normal, high or low. We have used fingertip test to measure the blood glucose concentrations of almost 110 people and obtained results. All the results are given in table and they are also represented in graphical form. The data which we have collected from different students by using a Performa and calculating their p values showed that there is no relation between grapes likeliness and blood sugar level.

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